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Subeng Collections | Sayap Merpati Perdamaian – Wings of Peace

Inspired by a dove which symbolizes peace.

This design brings the details of dove feathers which is adorned with onyx and black zirconia on both side of subengs and three round faceted black onyx for the brooch.


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Empat Mata Kebijaksanaan – Four Eyes of Wisdom

Inspired by the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. This design brings the detail of four penpoints as well which symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. A wisdom received by considering four elements for a harmonious life. This design, using black onyx which symbolizes self control, decision making, intuition, protection, is available for both subeng […]

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Delapan Mata Angin – Eight Eyes of Wind

  Inspired by the eight cardinal directions of the Universe’s energy. In Indonesian, cardinal directions means “(arah) mata angin” – arah: direction, mata: eye, angin: wind. Eight is also a symbol of infinity. An infinity of positive energy from every direction. Amethyst stones are used here as symbol of protection. Both subeng and brooch are […]

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